check-in by bookappt

Track your customers today with check-in by bookappt.

Check-In by bookappt is built for the SME market and we are offering the opportunity for retail, small businesses and organisations to assist with customer and visitor contact tracing and reporting with our check-in product.

Utilising a unique QR code for your business premises for on site guests and visitors and retail customers to check in and have the ability to contact trace when required.


Bars & Cafe's

Visitor Check-In

This will allow you to have contact tracing available for your customers and visitors and to provide details to various government health departments to assist in contact tracing of potential COVID-19 outbreaks.

We can also work with larger businesses and enterprises on your contact tracing requirements that are spread over various locations. Contact us at bookappt for further details and pricing.

Please Note: This is a separate product and you do not need to have an existing account or use our booking platform to make use of this service. This product is only for recording customer details to send only to the relevant government health department and is not intended or to be used for marketing purposes.

Sign up your business to check-in by bookappt or contact us at bookappt to request for more information.